Pharrell Might Perform At The Party Being Thrown For 'Dancing Man'

Support continues to roll in for the Dancing Man, as Twitter users and celebrities alike share words of encouragement for the man who was body-shamed last month for dancing in public.

After a pair of photos of the Dancing Man went viral, a group of body-positive women on Twitter decided to arrange a dance party for the man who had originally been humiliated by a cruel 4Chan user.

Cassandra Fairbanks, the first to bring attention to the Dancing Man's cause with her #FindDancingMan hashtag, organized the party and posted an invitation to Twitter, inviting the Dancing Man to join the Los Angeles bash.

The invitation -- which quickly garnered over 500 "favorites" on Twitter -- caught the attention of rapper and producer Pharrell Williams, who hopes to show his support in person.

Hey @CassandraRules keep me posted about your dance party! @Dancingmanfound, never be ashamed of yourself. You are both truly #OTHER — Pharrell Williams (@Pharrell) March 6, 2015

Sources say Pharrell may even perform at the body-positive bash, and a handful of other celebs, including Moby, Ellie Goulding and Cher Lloyd, are on board as well.

And it doesn't stop there: The Los Angeles Coliseum offered to host the dance party while the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board offered to pay for the Dancing Man's travel expenses.

Additionally, a GoFundMe account set up to cover all of the party expenses has raised over $36,000 by 2,019 people in just two days, the leftovers of which will be donated to an anti-bullying charity.

For his part, the Dancing Man -- whose real name is Sean -- is blown away by these random and overwhelming acts of kindness.

On his new Twitter account (@Dancingmanfound), he wrote:

Just woke up to be greeted with so many more kind words. Big thanks again and am sure the charity will appreciate it as well. Thanks again — Dancing Man (@Dancingmanfound) March 7, 2015

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