This Is How People React When They See A 'Suicidal Person' (Video)

by Gillian Fuller

Every 40 seconds, someone is lost to suicide. And the saddest part? All of these deaths are preventable.

With this statistic in mind, prank team fouseyTUBE conducted a social experiment to see how people react when faced with a suicidal person.

The results were positive: In the two "tests," the passersby -- in this case, cab drivers -- intervened to save the supposedly suicidal mens' lives, and we commend them for that.

But the experiment itself is sickening. Feigning suicide for a social experiment is wrong, and subjecting an innocent person to that is simply cruel.

I get where the pranksters were coming from, but this is absolutely the worst way to raise awareness for suicide prevention. In faking suicidal tendencies, they effectively make light of it -- and that's not okay.