Homeless Man Is The Only One To React To A Kid Freezing On The Street (Video)

It's been a chilling winter, particularly for those living on the streets of New York City.

In a social experiment filmed for YouTube, OckTV had a boy pose as a "freezing homeless child" on a sidewalk in the Big Apple.

Clothed in only a t-shirt, jeans and socks, the actor depends on a plastic garbage bag to keep him out of the wind.

What's more, this child actor is only feet away from a real homeless man who needs help and attention more than this boy.

Instead of manufacturing a scenario, the team could have brought attention to a real man and his daily struggle.

Surprisingly, the only person who stopped to help him was, in fact, the fellow homeless man.

As touching as the moment is, this isn't the first time I've noted potential heavy-editing techniques used in this team's videos.

New Yorkers may not be nice, but in my experience, it's rare for a homeless person to go completely unaided in subway stations or on the side of the street.