These Patient Police Dogs Perfectly Line Up As They Wait For Dinner


We tend to think of police dogs as less sweet, more fierce.

But a photo posted to Reddit shows even the most gruff K-9s can be heart-meltingly adorable.

The photo, presumed to be taken at a police dog training academy in China, shows six dogs standing in line, all holding an empty bowl in their mouths.

In front of them, a man stands near a bucket full of dog food.

The dogs -- five German shepherds and one black Lab -- sit patiently, each waiting for their turn to be served.

It's the freakin' cutest thing you'll ever see -- and, according to reports, somewhat of a tradition for police canines in China.

According to the Daily Mail, one Hangzhou-based K-9 trainer explained,

From the looks of it, these dogs at least have the "appetite" and "good looking" part down.

Check out the adorable snapshot below.

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