Man Strips Naked At Airport After Learning His Flight Was Overbooked


A man was so angry over his overbooked flight, he had no choice but to get naked in the airport's lobby.

According to WBTV, the unnamed individual tried to get on a flight leaving Charlotte Douglas International Airport for Jamaica on Wednesday morning.

He allegedly became livid upon learning he couldn't board the US Airways flight because it was overbooked.

Witness Sherry Ketchie described what ensued next to WBTV.

She claimed,

He had his clothes on, at that point, and then he started standing there with his arms crossed and hollering at the lady at the desk.

She said the man went completely silent and stood still.

Then, he began stripping off his clothes.

Ketchie said he stood naked for about an hour while security guards surrounded him.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police eventually arrived and escorted the man out of the airport.

Police said he was "suffering from a medical issue."

The man will not face charges for the exposure, but it's unclear if he will be allowed on another flight to paradise.

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