Parrots Saved During House Fire After Yelling 'Help' To Firefighters

Two parrots saved their own lives by speaking to firefighters as their home was about to burn down.

According to Daily Mail, firefighters rushed to a house in Boise, ID, last week after receiving a call about smoke coming out of the dwelling.

They heard two voices yelling "help" and "fire" from inside the home as soon as they arrived.

A search was conducted, but no human beings were found.

The cries turned out to be coming from two parrots who had been home alone when the fire started.

The house appears to have sustained only minor damage since firefighters were able to stop the flames from expanding beyond a single room.

Both parrots were treated with oxygen masks and are reported to be in good condition.

The cause of the fire along with the whereabouts of the parrots' owners remain unknown.

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