Paralyzed Man Walks Across The Graduation Stage With Help From Fiancée (Video)

In 2010, Chris Norton's life changed.

When he was a teenager, Norton suffered a spinal injury during a football game. It was so severe, doctors feared he'd never walk again.

In fact, they gave him a 3 percent chance of ever recovering movement below his neck.

Fast forward to today, five years later: Norton, with the help of his now-fiancée, graduated from Luther College and walked across the stage to accept his diploma.

He set the goal one year ago and worked hard in physical therapy ever since to make it come true. Since then, he regained movement in his arms but is still confined to a wheelchair.

But when Norton walked across the stage, he took his first step toward freedom.

In Norton's YouTube video, he said,

I want to continue and improve my walking, my therapy, my independence. That will always be a goal of mine.

Check out the heart-melting video from his graduation up top, and try to keep your sobbing under control.

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