Amazing New Device Lets You Order Pizza With The Click Of A Button

Pizza: Quite possibly the greatest invention ever known to man. But wait -- there's now a pizza button that will deliver the delicious cheesy goodness straight to your door. I think I may need to sit down.

An innovative startup has developed a prototype called Click'N'Pizza, and the name of the gadget perfectly sums up just how brilliant it is.

The Italian startup company La Comanda unveiled its Click'N'Pizza button at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, offering up some good news for pizza lovers across the globe.

The company says it has a deal with Pizza Hut that will allow customers to start ordering pizza by the click of a button as early as this summer.

The button doubles as a refrigerator magnet and works by syncing up to a user's WiFi. After you have customized your order online, you can use the button to complete the order whenever you're ready to eat.

The front screen shows the wait time for your pizza's arrival, or it can display promotional offers and customizable options from the pizza vendors.

Just think: As early as this summer, we will live in a world where any style pizza you want can be delivered with the press of a button. That's a step in the right direction, if you ask me.

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