Awesome Old Woman Confronts Two ISIS Fighters To Bravely Tell Them Off (Video)

Shout-out to this boss-ass bitch for telling ISIS what we've all been thinking: Namely, that they suck.

A video uploaded to Youtube shows a brave old woman approach a pair of ISIS fighters in what's presumed to be Syria to tell them off for their brutal and inhumane practices.

Unfazed by the fighters' reputations, she first tells the pair — who, interestingly, are the ones who filmed the footage — that their actions will be cursed by Allah. She quotes verses from the Koran that forbid murder, as she calls the fighters "devils."

She also refers to Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad as “sh*t,” and ISIS fighters as "donkeys."

The fighters, clearly thrown off by the woman's disapproval, try to sweet-talk her by calling her “grandmother,” and asking “[is] everything okay between us?”

She proves resistant to their bullsh*t sweet-talking, however, and continues to reprimand them for their murderous ways, demanding they stop and make peace with the world.

Sadly, the video ends abruptly and without resolution, but we can only hope this brave woman managed to escape unharmed and content at having voiced her disapproval.

Watch the shaky, subtitled footage above — it's quite satisfying, if a little nerve-wracking.

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