Living The Dream: Nigerian Immigrant Is Accepted To All 8 Ivy Leagues

There's no feeling quite like tearing open your first college acceptance letter.

Unless, of course, you're 17-year-old Harold Ekeh. He has been accepted to eight Ivy League universities and five other top schools.

People reports Ekeh, who traveled with his family from Nigeria to the US at 8 years old, is a model student by any estimation.

The Elmont, New York teenager boasts an impressive extracurricular résumé: Homecoming court at Elmont Memorial High School, semifinalist at this year's Intel Science Talent Search and a position directing his church's choir, according to CNNMoney.

And through it all, Ekeh's eyes have been on his future goal of becoming a neurosurgeon.

He told the New York Post his college acceptances and 100.5 percent GPA represent the support he's been given since his youth.

Ekeh explained,

My parents' hard work and my hard work finally paid off... Anybody who sees my story can say, 'If he can do it, I can do it.' I'm just a kid who had a real strong support system.

According to those who know him best, Ekeh is anything but "just a kid."


Principal John Capozzi said Ekeh, who scored an incredible 2270 out of 2400 on his SATs, is "one of the most humble young men I've ever had the opportunity to meet."

Ekeh told NBC News receiving his acceptance letters was "like being hit repeatedly."

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