The City That Always Works: New Yorkers Have The Longest Work Weeks In US

In the Big Apple, those who work the hardest succeed, and those who hardly ever stop working are far from a rarity.

A newly released report from the city comptroller's office shows New Yorkers work an average of 49.1 hours – including about six hours of commuting time – per week.

On average, NYC residents clock more time than any of 29 other major metropolitan areas in the US. That's especially true for finance employees, who may put in up to 53 hours.

The trend report, compiled using data from the 1990 and 2000 censuses as well as the 2013 American Community Survey, shows the city's poorest residents face the longest commutes because they're likely to live far from their places of employment.

In a press statement, Comptroller Scott Stringer explained his office's findings and emphasized the need for an updated NYC public transit system.

He said,

If New York City is going to symbolize the American Dream, we can't be a nightmare when it comes to long work hours and commuting. Our residents deserve better... We need to expand our transit networks and advance policies like flexible work arrangements and predictable scheduling.

After a winter of seemingly endless subway delays resulting in late arrivals to the office, Stringer's statement is one every New Yorker can get behind.

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