New Flavored, Diet Whiskey Might Be An Absolute Game-Changer

For some time, health-conscious drinkers were given only two options: light beer or light wine.

But now, thanks to a new company with an unfortunate name, diet whiskey is a thing -- maybe.

Thinn Light Whiskey -- manufactured by company Sinfully Thinn --  comes naturally flavored or with cinnamon or blueberry overtones, for those who don't like their whiskey to taste good like whiskey.

While most light liquors are forced to sacrifice taste for a healthier nutritional profile, Sinfully Thinn promises a full flavor.

Its website, which is currently being updated, reads,

Thinn Light Whiskey is vacuum distilled in small batches resulting in a low temperature distilled process highlighting the sweetness and smooth wheat finish... Each batch being carefully developed, perfectly blended, strategically distilled, lightly aged, and conditioned results in: a light, smooth wheat flavor whiskey with mixable ability and character.

So, okay, it tastes alright (according to them). But how does it stack up against other booze?

Weirdly enough, Thinn's calorie content -- 100 calories per 1.5 oz, or one shot -- is slightly higher than competitor Jack Daniels', which clocks in at about 97.5 calories for the same serving.

More likely, the drink is low-carb or low-sugar -- still "diet," but not lower in calories than traditional whiskeys (and if low-calorie is what you're after, you probably shouldn't be drinking in the first place).

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