Nepal Gets Rocked By Another Massive Earthquake, At Least 42 Left Dead

On Tuesday morning, Nepal was hit with its second devastating earthquake in less than three weeks.

According to CNN, the 7.3-magnitude earthquake occurred near the Chinese border earlier today, and it could be felt thousands of miles away.

This remote, low-populated area is located about 60 miles from the capital city of Kathmandu, which sustained massive damage during the earthquake on April 25.

The New York Times reported a total of 42 deaths and 1,117 injured as of this morning.

Buildings reportedly shook for over a minute in India, Daily Mail reports, where at least five people were killed.

Allegedly, aftershocks measuring 5.6 and 6.3 in magnitude erupted less than an hour after the earthquake struck.

Marc Sarrado, a Spanish documentarian in Nepal at the time, told CNN,

For the first seconds, it was complete silence. By the fifth second, everybody started to scream.

Dozens of houses and buildings collapsed, many of which were perched on hilly terrain or were barely standing after the previous quake.

Some of the affected villages are so isolated, they can only be reached on foot, and numerous paths leading to these areas are obstructed by landslides and debris, according to CNN.

Local and international search and rescue teams continue to dig through the rubble and will most likely report updates throughout the day.

Today's disaster comes just after the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that killed over 8,000 people and leveled hundreds of thousands of homes in late April.

CNN reports the short span of time between the two earthquakes suggests a third with even more power could occur.

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