Women’s Rowing Team Is Back With Another Nude Calendar For Charity (Video)

The University of Warwick's women's rowing team stripped and splashed around in the name of charity for their 2015 nude calendar.

The rowing team, famous for its sexy pictures, experienced an unlikely snafu in July after Facebook removed the calendar's promotional images from Warwick rowing's public page. The site deemed the images pornographic.

And while it hurt the girls' artistic sensibilities, the 2014 calendar still sold 1,500 copies and 20 percent of each calendar's price was donated to the foundation. Over the past three years, the women's team has raised $8,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Now, the team is back with a new calendar in time for the holiday season. Don't forget, there's a male version as well.

The Warwick rowers offer a sneak peak of the calendar.

Nothing like going for a relaxing nude rowing trip.

Be careful in the trees, ladies.

A rower stretches out before practice.

After all that posing, she needs to cool off.

The Warwick rowers are between the ages of 18 and 21.

They rely on social media to spread publicity for their calendars.

This is the calendar's third year.

They shot the photos in June.

They're posing by their boat house on the River Avon.

And having a lot of fun doing it.

Support the Warwick rowers and cancer research by purchasing their 2015 calendar on October 14.

via Metro, Photo Courtesy: Warwick University