Photos Of Mothers And 1-Day-Old Babies Show The Beauty Of Motherhood

After nine months of preparation for a child, the day his or her life begins is a miracle.

Enter London-based photographer Jenny Lewis, who recently released the book "One Day Young."

Compiled from images of 150 different mothers and their children, the 40 softly-lit photographs in the book focus on those first magical moments in a relationship, which will span a lifetime.

Lewis shot all the images within 24 hours of each child's birth, hoping to show the beauty of motherhood.

In less than a day, these mothers shed their fears of the unknown.

They emotionally and physically embrace their own tiny, unknowable offspring.

These are incredible moments to witness.

Lewis said in a press statement, "My aim was to capture the extraordinary bonding, warmth and strength between mother and infant."

"In fact, the whole range of amazing emotions felt at that time, as the mothering instinct kicks in."

Each photo was shot in their own homes, adding a level of comfort and personality Lewis couldn't have found in any studio.

Home together for the first time, these mothers can relax and enjoy their new gifts.

The women featured live around Lewis' Hackney, London, neighborhood and represent all walks of life.

Just the way having a child is a transformative experience, Lewis says photographing them reshaped her outlook on mothers and births.

She added in a press statement, "I find the collection of images defiant and beautiful, challenging the expected vision of those first 24 hours, a pure celebration of what it means to be a mother."

"One Day Young" by Jenny Lewis is published by Hoxton Mini Press, available from

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