Mother Shares A Powerful Message About White Cop Who Helped Black Son

When Joseph Owusu's car tire went flat in the early hours of the morning, the African-American Virginia Tech student didn't need to worry about the white officer who pulled over to help.

In a Facebook post from Owusu's mother, Nada, the woman extends a heartfelt thanks to the Rocky Mount, Virginia cop who just wanted to be of service to her 20-year-old son.

She explains how State Police Officer Matt Okes avoided making snap judgments about where Owusu's expensive Mercedes came from or what his late-night activities were, and instead, he chose to help the young man fix his ruined tire.

According to the Daily Mail, Okes kept Owusu safe after his minor incident.

He reportedly attempted to change the tire on his knees on the side of the road.

Nada, a Ghanaian expatriate, arrived to aid her son around 1 am and snapped the now-viral photo of Okes and Owusu smiling together.

Nada wrote,

[Okes] provided all the needed protection especially from those tractor trailers till we were done by 2 am and... drove behind us for a while before exiting.

Thanks in part to Okes, Owusu is safe.


In response to her interaction with the officer, Nada wrote, "Today I salute Officer Okes! He is our hero and our 'Good Samaritan.'"


Nada spread the word of Okes' nonjudgemental actions far and wide.


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