Mother Lost In The Woods Miraculously Survives By Drinking Breast Milk

After taking a wrong turn in New Zealand's Rimutaka Forest Park, a mother relied on her body to keep her alive.

Susan O'Brien, 29, wandered about 1.5 miles off course and went missing for around 24 hours.

O'Brien covered herself with dirt and drank her own breast milk to keep warm and stay strong.

The New Zealand Herald reports O'Brien's incredible drive to live stemmed from thoughts of God and her family.

During Sunday's XTERRA Wellington Trail Running Series, O'Brien found herself lost without markers or a sense of direction.

According to The Dominion Post, O'Brien hid herself in a hole to stay warm until she could begin hiking again the next morning.

Around 11:30 am on Monday, a search helicopter spotted O'Brien waving about a mile from the race's track.

The shaken but otherwise healthy woman was reunited with her family.

Trish Ebery of the New Zealand Lactation Consultants Association told The New Zealand Herald breast milk is designed to help babies grow, so it's essentially the perfect power food.

The Dominion Post reports O'Brien's family expressed relief after her rescue.

In a public statement, the family said,

As a family we are extremely relieved and thankful that Susan has been found safe and well. Susan will be having some much-needed rest over the next couple of days.

O'Brien, who will reportedly continue trail running, proved herself in the most difficult of trials.

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