Why Some People Get More Mosquito Bites Than Others

by Chris Riotta

I've always been the one who gets bit by the lone mosquito flying through the room.

For some reason, that damn mosquito will always seem to choose me as its target and, for the longest time, I've wondered why.

Well, the Daily Mail reports it has a lot to do with genetics and the type of chemicals you produce when you sweat.

And apparently, drinking beer will cause mosquitos to be more attracted to your skin than to others'. So maybe that's why I keep getting stung...

Studies show there are 20 percent of us who are more likely to get bit by the pesky bug than the rest of the population.

The secret ingredient mosquitos seem to be most attracted to in these humans? Lactic acid.

Lactic acid is a type of volatile chemical produced by your body throughout the day, and it gets sweated out through your skin on a daily basis.

Mosquitos have receptors that can pick up the scent of lactic acid, and they use these to choose their prey.

Research also shows that people with the blood type O are twice as likely to be a target. And then there are studies that say you can attract mosquitos by being taller, larger, drinking beer and sweating a lot. That's basically me at any outdoor event.

No wonder I'm a target for mosquitos: I'm a hot mess.

However, there is some good news: Science says that, by taking periodic showers, you can prevent mosquito bites by cleaning off the smell of sweat from your body.

So shower up, kids -- and bring the bug spray the next time you go to your neighbor's barbecue.

Unless you want everyone to remember you as that weird guy who spent the entire day swatting the air in front of his face.

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