This Model With Three Kids Is 50 Years Old But You'd Never Believe It (Photos)

As a teenager or 20-something, looking younger than your actual age is a curse (take it from someone who, at 22, perpetually gets mistaken for a teenager).

But past 25, looking younger is a good thing -- a very good thing.

And model Candy Lo is blessed with that very gift.

The 50-year-old mother of three recently released a photo book titled "Timeless" and is generating plenty of buzz for her seemingly flawless appearance.

The Hong Kong native definitely doesn't look well beyond her 50 years, with smooth, wrinkle-free skin and abs most mothers only dream of.

But Lo has always been a beauty: In 1991, she won the Miss Asia beauty pageant, and she has been modeling and acting for the majority of her adult life.

Lo first gained the media's attention when she shared a sneak peek of the “Timeless” shoot on Instagram.

The book, which already sold 3,000 copies, proved a huge hit.

But it's the star's youthful appearance that people are most interested in.

At 50 years old, Lo could easily pass for 25.

She has wrinkle-free skin…

A killer bod…

...and gorgeous, feminine features.

Lo is beautiful on the inside, too.

She's donating a portion of proceeds from her book… help female survivors of domestic abuse.

Find more photos of this ageless beauty on Instagram.

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