Millennials Who Trust Their Partners With Money Have Better Sex Lives

Mo' money, mo' problems? Not necessarily.

According to a recent survey conducted by Money, the more financial trust there is between partners, the better their sex lives will be. 

This doesn't mean couples with more money have better sex lives. Instead, the survey suggests couples who see -- more or less -- eye to eye when it comes to money and financial responsibilities tend to rate their sex lives higher than those with trust issues concerning money.

For the survey, 500 Millennials and 500 baby boomers were surveyed about their money habits and sexual relationships.

While Millennials tended to rate their sex lives higher overall, the general trend of financial trust equating to bedroom bliss was apparent across both age groups.

For Millennials, the most important financial aspect was being able to agree on splurge items. For boomers, investment talk was the real turn on.

As Money notes, the survey shows only correlation and not the cause, meaning it's also possible a healthier sex life leads to financial stability.

Either way, it's clear trust is a major factor in determining the quality of a couple's sex life -- that, and the foreplay.

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