Science Says Men Who Work Out Are Better In Bed And Have More Orgasms

If you're hesitant to hit the gym in the tiring, endless quest for a beach body, here's an even better reason to go: Recent research indicates active men are better in bed.

Researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center say exercising 18 metabolic equivalents per week led to better orgasms, sexual function and erection quality for the most active members of a 300-participant group, reports ScienceDaily.

Not into fitness-speak?

That breaks down into six hours of low-stress exercise like slow walking, three and half hours spent "briskly" walking or two hours of high-intensity fitness like CrossFit over a week-long period.

In other words: Winter is over, and you need to get off the couch in order to see results.

According to a press release, self-reported data showed decreased sexual performance in those who stayed less active, as well as smokers and men suffering from diabetes.

As noted in a press statement, lead study author Adriana Vidal confirmed the study took minorities into account, saying,

This study is the first to link the benefits of exercise in relation to improved erectile and sexual function in a racially diverse group of patients.

The takeaway, according to researchers, is you need to start getting active to see changes in sexual experience. Even if it's just a 20-minute stroll around the block during your lunch break, you should see some degree of increased performance.

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