This Is What 2-Year-Old Food From McDonald's And Taco Bell Looks Like

Fast food is made from some combination of mystery meat, filler and chemicals. It's not good for you.

But, a Waterford, Michigan chiropractor took that fact a step further.

For the past two years, Dr. Jacqueline Vaughn has had an open McDonald's hamburger and a chicken taco from Taco Bell sitting on her office's front desks.

And since 2013, left in the open air, they've remained exactly same.

Photos of the food show a perfectly normal-looking burger and taco, without the slightest hint of mold.

While the McDonald's bun disintegrated a little, there's nothing to suggest the meal might have expired.

Vaughn used the curious display to show her patients exactly how far fast food is from the real ingredients in nourishing meals.

Chiropractic assistant Jessica Freed told Business Insider,

You would think there would at least be bugs coming around, but we don't see any at all.

The chiropractor is one of many to argue the seemingly non-perishable food is a sign of its synthetic nature.

On the McDonald's website, the company argues mold will only grow in certain environments. Without moisture, bugs and mold won't begin to spread, an idea backed by plenty of governmental resources.

Because McDonald's toasts its hamburger buns and the burger itself loses water while on the grill, there's not a lot of water present.

And Vaughn's dry office with plenty of circulation, it seems, may be the optimal place to mummify food.

This hamburger and taco date back to the hazy days of 2013.

They don't look bad for their age.

Tasty, though? Dubious.