Meet The People Who Are Looking To Live (And Die) On Mars

Mars One is a nonprofit founded back in 2012 to accomplish one goal: colonize Mars.

As part of that mission, the company will, when the time comes, launch a four-person spaceship toward the Red Planet.

Thus far, 200,000 people applied for a spot on that rocket. Only 660 were selected as finalists.

In this short documentary made by The Guardian, we get to meet and learn about three of these people. They are Ryan from the UK, Jeremias from Mozambique and an Iraqi-American woman named Dina.

They all have their reasons for wanting to leave this world forever. I can't say I pine to be among their ranks, but their intentions are certainly noble.

This is a really fascinating documentary that will make you ponder our role in the universe. I implore you to watch above.