You Can Now Get Married Online Thanks To Ikea's New Virtual Weddings

Virtual wedding ceremonies are now a thing, thanks to Ikea.

The furniture company (and maker of the greatest cinnamon buns to ever grace this planet) recently unveiled a new digital service called Wedding Online, through which couples can join together in not-so-holy matrimony.

First, the couple picks a “destination” for their ceremony from a list of presets including a city rooftop, a beach and an "enchanted forest." Then they invite friends to watch via a video chat system that runs through Facebook.

Once all the “planning” is completed, they'll do their thing -- exchange vows and whatnot -- and begin their lives as husband and wife (or wife and wife, or husband and husband… you get the point).

So long as there is an official to actually wed the couple and at least one witness in the same room, the ceremony is considered completely legitimate -- even if the family doesn't think so.

Check out the video up top for more details on this truly questionable service.

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