Man Swallowed Alive By Shark Stabs Shark From Inside Its Body (Photo)

by James Gilbert

A wild photograph has emerged of what appears to be a man who was swallowed alive by a shark, fighting for his life by reaching through the beast’s gills and stabbing the shark in the face.

The dramatic photo, which is hanging up in an Australian pub, shows a tattooed arm wielding a knife and stabbing the shark in a valiant effort at surviving.

Eh… sort of. The shark was actually dead long before the fisherman took the photo of himself inside the shark.

The unnamed fisherman had captured the shark earlier, killing and gutting it before climbing inside for the wild photo.

“This fellow has decided as a jape to climb inside the shark with a knife, put his hand through the gills of the shark and pretended to stab it between the eyes,” said local radio host John Burns of Melbourne’s 3AW.

Don't develop an irrational fear of being swallowed whole by a shark, as sharks don’t commonly attack humans and when they do, they opt to tear them to shreds rather than to swallow them whole.

Via: Daily Mail, Photo Courtesy: 3AW Breakfast