Man Invites People To Publicly Humiliate Him For Cheating On His GF


How does one forgive cheaters?

By making sure they get what they deserve, of course.

I'm guessing that's the story behind this public display in Sydney, Australia.

A man took to Newtown Station to request public punishment for his transgression.

The man, who remains anonymous, stood by a sign that read,

I lied to my partner. I broke commitments. I am a hypocrite!! If you have ever been hurt by a man… Please humiliate and abuse me.

Presumably, the man was forced into this display by his scorned lover.

Many passersby happily obliged his request by pelting food and eggs at him.

The incident was caught on camera by a reporter, James Branson, who happened to be in the station at the time.

When he asked women if the punishment had gone too far, their responses were decidedly unapologetic.

One woman can be heard saying,

If you think that something like this… is over the top... why aren't you trying to challenge all the f*cked up things that's going on all the time that men perpetuate to women…?

She added,

This is not even that bad.

And while some seemed convinced the public display of humiliation was a joke or art display of some sort, the man insisted,

This is legitimate.

Here's hoping his scorned lover actually takes him back... Although, it would be a pretty damn good twist if she didn't.

The man supplied eggs for passersby to pelt him with.

His punishers were not shy.

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