Man Arranged For Wife To Get Valentine's Roses Every Year After He Died

The card on Shelly Golay's Valentine's Day rose bouquet read,

Stay Strong! Yours Forever, Love Jim.

And Jim, who was diagnosed with cancer last winter before dying of a brain tumor in July, made sure Golay never forgets how much he loved her.

KCWY reports before his death, the Casper, Wyoming man arranged a Valentine's Day delivery for each year Golay lives, as a sweet token of his affection.

Jessie Row, an employee of the floral shop that filled Golay's order, told KCWY she was astonished to receive a very emotional call from the mourning woman.

Row said,

[Golay] called the other day, we all almost started bawling... It was really touching to hear the story and know that he had done that for her. It [seems] like something that only happens in the movies or that you hear about.

Golay's Valentine's Day just took on a whole new meaning.

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