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WTF: Man In Japan Allegedly Rapes 100 Women During Fake Sleep Study

A Japanese man has been charged with posing as a doctor and raping scores of women he allegedly enlisted to participate in a fake sleep study.

The Huffington Post reports that Hideyuki Noguchi, 54, posted ads online saying he was performing "clinical research measuring blood pressure during sleep" on women in their teens to their 40s.

Those who responded were reportedly taken to hotels and resorts all throughout Japan where Noguchi would give them sedatives, causing them to pass out.

Police say he then raped the women, filmed the assaults and sold the videos to porn websites, earning a total of roughly $85,000, according to HuffPo.

The fraudulent study began in September of 2011 and went on for two years.

Noguchi, who is not a doctor and has no medical experience, was arrested after one of the women saw herself in one of his videos.

Police have confirmed 39 victims, but according to CNN, Noguchi has admitted to have assaulted close to 100 women.

He is currently facing charges for about three dozen cases of incapacitated rape.

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