It's Incredible How Hot This Guy Is After Growing A Beard For A Year (Photos)

by Emily Arata

Jeffrey Buoncristiano may be the unofficial spokesman for Brooklyn beards.

Buoncristiano, who didn't discover his beard-growing potential until just a few years ago, has become an online beard guru. He regularly posts advice within beard-themed subreddits and even makes videos for YouTube channel, Beardbrand.

In addition to coaching the men of the Internet in their attempts to look like lumberjacks, Buoncristiano also runs an Instagram packed with stylish shots proving that scruffiness never goes out of style.

The scruffy 34-year-old Brooklynite first embraced his hairy potential while recovering from a breakup. In the process, he stopped shaving.

That's when Buoncristiano realized having a full-fledged beard made him look like a wizened, full-fledged man.

He's practically begging to be swooped up by a Vogue editor.

Buoncristiano told BuzzFeed that when he grew a beard he "started getting more respect."

He admits to benefiting from "better attention. More women. More confidence, and just generally life got better. I feel like I'm ready for anything now."

The stylish hipster would make even Jeremiah Johnson proud.

Buoncristiano even puts out styling tips for those who envy his image.

He says something clicked the first time he saw his own bearded reflection.

What's more, the beard represents the independence he's found since that long-ago breakup.

Buoncristiano can essentially wear anything because there is no way you're looking away from that face.

This is more than a story of facial hair.

It's about a man who finally feels comfortable in his own skin.

Buoncristiano and his beard are proving the lumberjack look isn't simply a fad.

He doesn't miss his baby face.

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