Man Blames Wife's 'Deformed' Nipples For Divorce In Attempt To Owe Less

A man has attempted to lower his divorce payments by citing his wife's deformed nipples as the reason for the split.

The Australian couple has been married since 1972 and have three children together, Daily Mail reports.

But according to Opposing Views, the husband told the Federal Circuit Court in Canberra that in his eyes, the marriage ended as soon as he uncovered her deformity.

She deceived him by constantly making excuses to avoid sex, he said.

He told the court.

I did not see her breasts until late 1974 [when] I discovered [she] had a physical disfigurement. If I had seen them before I would not have married her. Our marriage was doomed. If she had not been pregnant I would have sought a divorce in 1975.

He said they had sex once in a while between 1975 and 1999, and everything else they did together, like vacations and dinner outings, happened simply because they were "close friends."

The man said,

We ate together. We played cards together. We did lots of things together. Whether or not we were married or divorced would have made no difference.

He claimed they were no longer married after 1999, a year before their youngest child became an adult.

The wife, however, said the marriage did not officially end until 2011, which was also when the two first told their families about the separation.

Her argument was supported by a joint tax return submitted in 2002, a credit card they both used until 2007 and the fact that they slept in the same bed until 2006.

Judge Warwick Neville went on to side with the wife, largely because the man made no effort to assume a different public identity during the time in which he believed they were separated.

But because both individuals disputed parts of each other's stories, the judge ordered them to make equal divisions of their assets.

Judge Neville said,

The Wife's evidence, like the Husband's, I took to be essentially truthful. And like the Husband's evidence, the Wife often did not recall events or circumstances that were put to her relating to events many years ago.

The judge also ruled that deformed nipples are not a justified reason for divorce, so the man's argument had no impact on his divorce proceedings.

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