Disgusting: Man Admits To Killing Mom And Losing Virginity To Her Corpse

by Sean Levinson

A Texas man has admitted to killing his mother and having sex with her dead body.

Kevin Davis, an 18-year-old from Corpus Christi, first tried to strangle his mother, 50-year-old Kimberly Hill, with a cord from a video game console on March 27, Raw Story reports.

Hill would not stop screaming, so Davis proceeded to hit her in the head with a hammer around 20 times.

In a videotaped interview, he told investigators that he stuck his hand in the fatal wound to feel her brain and make sure she had died.

Davis then raped his mother.

He said,

Guess I lost my virginity to a dead corpse.

Davis had originally planned to also kill his sister when she got home but instead rode his bicycle to a random couple's house not too far away, according to Raw Story.

He told them to call the police because he'd just killed someone.

He told authorities,

I had my fill of killing. It seemed a little much.

The defendant waved "hello" at the couple as they testified in court.

He also smiled at the jury and nonchalantly admitted to murderous fantasies and acts.

Davis said he once killed a cat and violated it sexually, and he dreamed of cutting a girl's head off and having sex with her body.

Police found a series of handwritten notes from Davis in the apartment where he killed his mother.

One read,

Chase me. Sorry for the mess. KD.

As for why he killed his mother, Davis said he had asked her for permission to commit suicide, and she told him that she was upset but ultimately could not stop him.

His mother did not deserve to die, Davis said, but he didn't necessarily regret the act and therefore blamed it on his own sadistic desires.

He said,

I’m not mentally disturbed, I’m sane. I know what I did.

Davis pleaded guilty to first-degree murder right as the trial began on Wednesday and was sentenced to life in prison less than an hour later.

He had told investigators that he should go to prison for 100 years because he would kill again if he had the chance.

H/T: Mirror, Photo Courtesy: Raw Story