Man Who Has At Least 40 Kids With 20 Different Women Wants Even More

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In the land of Monmouthshire, Wales, lives quite possibly the most fertile father on the planet.

Mike Holpin, 56, has produced approximately 40 children with 20 different mothers, Daily Mail reports, and sports a tattoo of his family tree on his back so he can remember his kids' names.

Holpin told Daily Mail,

I'm as fertile as sin. I don't believe in contraception, and I love sex.

Most of his children, whose ages range from 3 to 37, were taken into the custody of social services at early ages due to his alcoholism.

Twenty-two of them share Holpin's last name, and he says there are probably a few more children he doesn't even know about.

Holpin's baby-making escapades began in his late teens, when he got a job at a fairground.

He recalls,

Boys working on rides like that, they're only there for one reason and that's to pull women. Good looking boys are better, but funny boys are spectacular. You have to do some maneuvering but me, I thought, I just want sex. I'd pat them on the rump and if they say f*ck off then they're not really up for it. If they say yes, then great.

Holpin openly admitted he doesn't believe in contraception and has doggy style sex if his partner isn't attractive.

Surprisingly, Holpin has only had six serious girlfriends, but they were all driven away by his alcoholism, which he is currently recovering from.

He says he sincerely regrets what his addiction has done to his kids and now wants to prove he loves each and every one of them.

Holpin says,

When they went into care, I made a promise that no matter how long it took, I will get my kids home. I miss all the fun we used to have so I guess getting them back, my life will be set. My life will be perfect.

Holpin not only wants to reunite with his children but also have more with his fiancée Diane.

The Bible says to "go forth and multiply," he recalls, a command he intends to obey by procreating without end.

He can only pray his kids will forgive him for forcing them to grow up under the care of social services.

He states,

I've got so much love in me for my kids, it's spilling over. I need them more than they need me to be honest. I can't be without them.

Holpin vows to do whatever it takes to form relationships with his children.

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