Brave Little Girl Gives No F*cks And Touches Giant Spider

Children have many wonderful qualities, but perhaps the best is their fearlessness.

Think about it: Most fears -- like, say, the fear of heights or the fear of flying -- don't reveal themselves until later in life, once the person is old enough to understand the potential dangers of a given situation.

Case in point: Check out this video, in which a brave toddler fearlessly prods at a giant spider like it's no big deal.

While most adults would run/faint/die at the sight of the Hunstman spider, which is about the size of a small teacup saucer, the Australian tot finds herself incredibly curious about the eight-legged monster.

Fascinated, she asks her mother, “Is he a silly spider?” and then -- against mom's warnings -- reaches out to pet its long, furry leg.

Though she retracts her hand quickly, the fact that she was willing to even be within, I don't know, a half of a mile of the creature is a feat of bravery in and of itself.

Bravo to you, little girl. We'll just be over here with our RAID and possibly a hazmat suit.

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