Guy's Lawyer Claims 13 Girls Accused Him Of Rape Because He's A 'Player'

Accused of 30 counts of sexual crime and the assaults of 13 different girls, Tyler Kost has spent the last year in jail.

According to his defense team, however, it might have been a setup.

During a court appearance Monday, AZ Central reports the 19-year-old's lawyers alleged there's enough evidence in the newly-revealed social media records of several girls involved to prove his innocence.

In one Facebook chat, six young women – three of whom eventually pressed charges – reportedly talked about the high school revenge comedy "John Tucker Must Die" together and scheduled a time to "plan" just one week before two of the girls went to law enforcement with their claims, according to the AP.

Other choice lines from the conversation include, "Tyler needs to be taught a lesson" and "Let's (expletive) with his mind and car," reports Fox 10.

However, another line reads,

We should do everything he's ever done to a girl to him. Except rape him cause he's gross.

Kost's defense attorney, Christine Whalin, told press the girls thought her client was a "player," adding,

Over a year ago Mr. Kost was publicly accused of being a serial rapist. What we know now is that there was a group of girls who conspired against Tyler to put him in jail... Tyler has now been in jail for over a year based on those lies.

Prosecutor Shawn Jensvold previously told press Whalin's case is based on "speculation rather than materiality and facts."

The judge will reportedly consider collecting social media records from more of the alleged victims and announce a decision at next month's hearing.

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