Instagram's Infamous Fake Baller 'It's Lavish' Gets Jailed For Selling An iPhone On Craigslist

The most well-off teenager on Instagram is now behind bars. Param Sharma, or itslavishbitch, has been found guilty of failing to make a reasonable effort to find the owner of an iPhone he sold on Craigslist.

The social media celebrity, known for razzing other celebrities about their wealth, has been absent from his Instagram account since August 14, which is not like him. Now we know why.

Andrew Shalaby, Sharma’s lawyer, said the 18-year-old sold an iPhone on Craigslist for a friend who found it in the street because his friend didn’t have a cell connection to put the advertisement up himself.

After a notification revealed the phone had been stolen, the person who bought the iPhone from the ad brought the phone to the police, according to Shalaby.

After being taken into custody in restaurant, Sharma’s bail was set to $30,000. So far, he's spent 24 days in jail. Shalaby said Sharma was targeted because of his overwhelming social media presence.

According to Shalaby,

The police knew him and were unhappy with his social media accounts. A $30,000 bail is not something that could be done for these charges.

By posting lavish photos of his wealth, including pictures of a diamond studded watch and Louis Vuitton luggage, Sharma rose to popularity in 2013, gaining over 400,000 followers on Instagram.

Sharma was convicted and sent to Santa Rita Jail on August 18. But it got even worse: Sharma was sent to the psych ward because the court messed up his paperwork and misplaced his case files.

After spending two weeks in the ward, Sharma was put back in regular jail population.

Shalaby filed an appeal last week and believes Sharma could be released any day. Shalaby also said that this is the first time anyone in California has been convicted of this particular offense.

Even after Sharma’s been flashing all that money around, he can’t get himself out of a misdemeanor.

I guess money can’t buy everything.

H/T: Buzzfeed, Photo Courtesy: Instagram