Women In Korea Are Actually Getting Pubic Hair Transplants

In Korea, female pubic hair is so important that women are reportedly getting implants.

Just as American women often complain about Brazilian waxes, Refinery29's Joyce Kong reports Korean women who suffer from less-than-bushy nether gardens (technically called "pubic atrichosis") take serious steps to up their pube game.

It's considered a sign of fertility and sexual desirability.

The nonprofit International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery describes pubic hair loss as "more common in East Asian women than in women of other ancestry." It recommends pubic transplants as a self-esteem booster.

A pubic hair transplant costs around $2,000.

A narrow piece of scalp with hair "bulbs" attached gets transplanted into the pubic area during a procedure that ranges from two to four hours per session. A surgeon divides the follicles evenly throughout the region.

Revelations like this make us rethink the importance of popular beauty standards.

As piles of women's magazine's shriek headlines about "baring all" and "baby soft" pubic regions, women across the world pay thousands of dollars to grow more hair.

You are probably the only person meditating on your pubic situation, so wear whatever makes you comfortable.

But if you're considering a transplant, start saving now.

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