Someone Created A Kim Jong-un Golf Video Game With Only Holes-In-One

Someone has created a golf game in which users play as Kim Jong-un and miraculously get a hole-in-one every single time.

The North Korean dictator's father, Kim Jong-il, was reported by North Korean media to have shot a 38 under par the very first time he picked up a golf club. He allegedly got five hole-in-ones.

This amusing yet highly repetitive game is a mockery of North Korea's ridiculous propaganda; I honestly wouldn't put it past the country's media to boast their Supreme Leader is the best golfer in the history of mankind.

Kim Jong-un is quite portly in the game, due to the dictator's recent weight gain, which has been attributed to ankle injuries and an addiction to Swiss cheese.

There seems to be an unlimited amount of holes in the game, according to The Independent, and the fifth hole is apparently a par 768.

Some of Kim Jong-il's other achievements include inventing the hamburger in 2009, writing over one thousand books and forcing the majority of his country into starvation by building a million-man army.

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