KFC Customer Claims The Restaurant Served Him A Deep-Fried Rat


Fast food joints certainly aren't known for their quality — it's rumored Taco Bell, for instance, cooks grade D meat.

But grade D meat is still much more preferable than rat meat -- a lesson one KFC branch recently learned due to an unfortunate accident.

Los Angeles resident Devorise Dixon recently sat down to enjoy a three-piece meal from the fried chicken joint, when he discovered one of his “chicken” pieces was, in fact, a deep-fried rat. 

Fortunately, he made this discovery prior to biting into the breaded vermin.

Dixon posted a video and photos of the horror on Facebook and wrote,

The photos quickly went viral, prompting the fast food purveyor to issue a statement.

Via the company's Facebook account, a representative wrote,

Though the company claims it has “no evidence” of the mousey mishap, this wouldn't be the first time a customer found something, uh, unappetizing in his or her KFC meal.

In 2013, a student in the UK found what appeared to be a brain (but was later identified as a kidney) chillin' in his chicken.

The moral of this story: You should avoid KFC like the plague (or dine there until you happen upon something revolting, sue, and cash in).

UPDATE: The fried rat fiasco, it appears, was a hoax.

This afternoon, KFC's public relations team reached out to Elite Daily via email to issue this updated statement:

And there you have it, folks.


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