Kendall Jones' Father Says His Hunting Daughter Is Really A Humanitarian

by Alexia LaFata

Kendall Jones, the young girl whose hunting and killing of threatened animals has enraged thousands, is actually a humanitarian, says her father, Cody Jones.

The elephants, lions and leopards that Kendall killed are not on the endangered species list, Cody says.

He tells TMZ that some of his daughter's killings were humane.

A photo on her Facebook page of her with a dead lion, for example, was a mercy killing. Apparently the animal was very old and unable to keep up with the rest of its pack, and the lion's "fate was sealed."

His daughter has also received lots of backlash over her pose with the rhino, which he says is not actually dead, but merely tranquilized to be taken to a vet because a lion had injured it.

PETA claims that Kendall's "only interest is slaughtering wildlife for a cheap thrill" and that she's on a "desperate quest to secure a macabre reality show."

via TMZ, Photo Courtesy: Facebook