A Jewish Man Saved From Nazis Is Now Rescuing Christians From ISIS

Lord Weidenfeld owes his life to the Christians who housed him and help him flee Nazi-occupied Austria more than 70 years ago.

Now, at 95, Weidenfeld is paying his dues by helping Christian refugees escape ISIS.

Weidenfeld was just a teenager when he was forced to leave his home right before the start of World War II.

He fled to Britain, where strangers helped clothe and feed him until he was able to get on his feet.

When ISIS emerged in the Middle East and began its reign of terror, victimizing (among many groups) Christians, Weidenfeld felt it was his duty to help.

In an interview with The Times, he said,

I had a debt to repay. It applies to so many young people who were on the Kindertransports. It was Quakers and other Christian denominations who brought those children to England [during WWII]. It was a very high-minded operation and we Jews should also be thankful and do something for the endangered Christians.

To help those trapped under ISIS' regime, Weidenfeld recently founded the Weidenfeld Safe Havens Fund, which helps Christians flee from Syria and provides them with safe places to stay.

So far, the organization reportedly rescued more than 150 people from the war zone and aims to ultimately save more than 2,000 refugees.

The project received criticism from some for its exclusion of other religions, specifically Islam.

However, Weidenfeld remains undeterred.

He added,

I can't save the world, but there is a very specific possibility on the Christian side.

Exclusions aside, the act of rescue in and of itself is noble -- and for that, Weidenfeld deserves praise.

The project allegedly has enough funding to continue providing support for at least another 12 to 18 months.

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