Jealous Boyfriend Bites Through Girlfriend's Lip And Smears Blood On Her Face (Graphic Photos)

by Sean Levinson

A British man violently bit his girlfriend and smeared the blood all over her face due to suspicions of infidelity.

Daily Mail reports that 23-year-old Rhys Culley of Tyneside, England, asked 18-year-old Chanttelle Ward if she loved him before biting her upper lip with the same force prosecutors said would have pierced a piece of rubber 1 centimeter thick.

Culley, who had been dating Ward for two years, told the court that the damage wasn't intentional, but he was found guilty by the jury.

The attack occurred on February 22, 2014, right after the two returned from a night out in South Shields celebrating Ward's mother's birthday.

Culley began to question Ward the moment they got home, asking her about a conversation she had with another man on Facebook earlier that month.

He took her phone to look through her Facebook messages and became angry when there was no evidence to be found.

The frightened Ward then tried to call Culley's mother to calm him down.

Culley took the phone away and locked the doors on the home.

He chased her around the home, punching, kicking and throwing furniture before cornering her for the bite.

The victim told the court,

He put his whole mouth around my lips and pulled, I thought that my whole lip had come off. There was blood everywhere.

Prosecutors said Culley rubbed his face in Ward's after the bite, smeared the blood on her face and forcefully put his tongue in her mouth.

Ward was left with clear bite marks on her lip, bruises on her arms, face and ear, along with a scratch on her left breast.

The court found Culley guilty of wounding with intent. He will be sentenced next month.

via Daily Mail, Photos Courtesy: North News and Pictures Ltd