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ISIS Took Over Where 'Star Wars' Was Filmed, So Don't Visit Tatooine

The sands of Tunisia may be best known as the home of "Star Wars" hero Luke Skywalker, but they're now also the hotly-contested habitat of ISIS.

CNN reports officials in the desert town of Tataouine – the real-life basis of Tatooine from the films – uncovered two stockpiles of armaments this past month, including 20,000 rounds of ammunition.

The city is a mere 60 miles from the Libyan border, which makes it a hotbed of ISIS activity.

And although the remains of George Lucas' set for the town, Mos Espa, still stand in northern Tunisia, military activity makes it unlikely the cinematic spot will see many visitors anytime soon.

In any case, the "Star Wars" set may soon be lost to time and sand: In 2013, CNN reported the dunes were already beginning to cover up the landmark set pieces.

"Star Wars" aside, news of armament stashes come during the same time as an official warning from the United States Embassy, which was released last week. The warning advised citizens to stay away from the Bardo Museum in Tunisia's capitol, Tunis.

While reports vary, at least 21 people were killed when three gunmen opened fire last week.

If you're set on paying homage to the space-age worlds of "Star Wars," consider visiting California's Death Valley instead. It also served as a partial set for Tatooine – one that's far from ISIS threats.