The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Hot Guy Adopting A Puppy (Photo)

What would we do without the Internet?

For one, we wouldn't have the ability to binge-watch Netflix. We also wouldn't know about this seriously hot guy who adopted one seriously adorable puppy.

I don't know which would be worse.

But since we do have the Internet, the collective world is drooling over the photo of said hot guy, Ben Henderson, who adopted a puppy named Raffa at Melbourne's Pet's Haven Animal Shelter.

The photo, originally posted to Facebook, quickly went viral with over 16,000 likes. From there, it morphed into a “Break The Internet” meme.

Ben's fiancée jokingly uploaded a photo of her engagement ring to silence the stalkers, and her friend even quipped,

Ben's head must have grown 29,999 times it's size today.

However, Ben insists that it is, in fact, “all about the dog.”

Whatever the cause for the obsession, we want to thank the Internet: This made our Monday morning just a tad more bearable.

The original photo that started it all:

The resulting meme:

The internet reacted accordingly:

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