The Internet Exploded When President Barack Obama Wore A Khaki Suit

by John Haltiwanger

President Obama made headlines today, but not for something you might expect. Simply by wearing a khaki suit, he sent shockwaves across the fashion world.

You're a bold man Mr. President:

“You’ll see I wear only gray or blue suits,” Obama said. “I’m trying to pare down decisions." — VANITY FAIR (@VanityFair) August 28, 2014
“yes this is @mattyglesias suit please no more suit questions" — darth™ (@darth) August 28, 2014
Obama's khaki suit have it's own Twitter account yet? — Prescott Indigo (@prescottindigo) August 28, 2014
Obama in a khaki suit. Best decision he's made in a while — Paul Samuel (@captainpauul) August 28, 2014
#Obama is sockless right now...can't wear a khaki suit and socks — Matt Weaver (@MattW134) August 28, 2014
BREAKING: Steve Harvey lends President Obama his suit in a pinch. — Nate Boateng (@nateboateng) August 28, 2014
Obama rocking a suit from the Steve Harvey closet — Mal Freeman Newton (@iMalRay) August 28, 2014
Can we just talk about President Obama's day-before-holiday-weekend suit right now? No more khaki please — Maria Saab (@MariaMSaab) August 28, 2014
What's up with the khaki colored suit Obama is wearing? Looks like his Mama dressed him for picture day at school. #tcot — Angela.Kay (@DeepSouthProud) August 28, 2014
#obama set himself up for failure with the khaki suit choice. no strategy for #isis or wardrobe. — Jeremy Steslicki (@jsteslic) August 28, 2014
Obama speech take-aways: 1) khaki suit is never a "power" suit, 2) we don't have a strategy yet, and 3.) a binder full of predictions. — Stanley Blake (@SBHall765) August 28, 2014
Is the first time Obama has appeared in a khaki suit? No one cares less about fashion than me, but even I can tell it's not his best look. — Paul Waldman (@paulwaldman1) August 28, 2014
Pretty sure the most Obama's ever offended me is by wearing that khaki suit to a press briefing. Jesus Christ, so 80s brah. — Blake (@blakeegan) August 28, 2014
Unimportant political question of the day: why is Obama wearing a khaki suit on national tv? — Ashbae (@ashbyyrose) August 28, 2014
Wait.. obama rocking a khaki suit? is he headed to a summer wedding on the beach after this presser? — Omar Usman (@ibnabeeomar) August 28, 2014
Why is Obama wearing a khaki suit? Is it the @VeuveClicquot Polo Classic? — Tacky Daddy (@eugenehu) August 28, 2014
That beige/khaki suit is not flattering on Obama. His stylist needs to be shot.. — Bday Sept. 26 (@Blasian_Made) August 28, 2014

Obviously, the fashion world is as ruthless as politics... You're always going to have fans and critics.