These Photos Prove College Students Absolutely Crush The 'Dadbod'

by Gillian Fuller

If men are all about the butt, women are all about the gut -- the beer gut, that is.

For whatever reason, a new trend came about in recent weeks. And that trend is the glorification of the so-called Dadbod.

In case you missed our previous coverage of this fantastically rounded (male) physique, let us explain. The Dadbod is characterized by a general flabbiness and most notably, a beer belly.

It's warm and inviting, strong but soft -- think Will Ferrell or Leo DiCaprio.

If this sort of blubbery bro gets you all hot and bothered, you're in luck. There is now an Instagram account dedicated entirely to the Dadbod.

On CollegeDadBods, you'll find pictures of young, college-aged men, usually shirtless, beers in hand, rocking their less-than-toned bodies like pros.

It's glorious.

See some of our favorites below, and stalk the account here.

Poolside Dadbod:

Grilling Dadbod:

Kayaking Dadbod:

This account has them all:

You'll find Dadbod group shots:

Dadbod solo portraits:

And even Dadbods abroad:

The bigger the belly...

And the hairier the chest...

...the better the Dadbod.

Bonus points for beer-balancing bellies:

And awkward sunburns:

Praise the Dadbod:

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