Marriage Equality Video Was So Inspiring, It Encouraged People To Come Out

On May 22, Ireland will put a revolutionary bill to vote -- a bill granting marriage equality for everyone of every sexuality.

In an effort to raise awareness about the importance of marriage equality, YouTuber Riyadh K (the same man behind this amazing video) created an inspiring video detailing the many, many reasons why all love should be treated equally.

He outlines, first and foremost, the persecution that many LGBTQ individuals are unfairly subjected to.

Riyadh says,

To be with the one you want to grow old and die with is not a privilege. It’s a human right.

He insists that while we’ve made some strides in recent years, “we need to go further.”

Thankfully, Riyadh has already helped some to make progress. As he reveals in a recent interview with Buzzfeed,

I’ve had messages from guys in the UK and Ireland who have seen the video and come out as a result... They’re these gorgeous, long messages thanking me for making it... There's been a huge amount of support.

He even gives details about a coworker who revealed the video convinced her father -- before that, indifferent to the fight for gay rights -- to vote in favor of same-sex marriage on the upcoming bill.

The video is inspiring, honest and incredibly powerful, and the message is truly important.

Here’s hoping Ireland does the right thing and passes the marriage equality bill because Riyadh is right: Things need to change.