Insanely Athletic 20-Month-Old Baby Scales A Rock Wall With No Harness (Video)

A 20-month-old toddler was videotaped scaling an indoor rock-climbing wall without any help from ropes or a harness.

The baby, sporting nothing but a diaper and a blue t-shirt a la Tommy Pickles, navigates the rock ledges up the wall with skill and grace. To protect the baby incase he falls, his dad stands behind his son with his arms stretched out, encouragingly shouting "Oh buddy! Yes!" and giggling.

The most adorable part of the whole video is when the child almost fails to find a footing and is forced to hold himself up with his two little arms.

Eventually, thanks to his dad pointing to an available foothold and suggesting that he "put [his] foot right there, get [his] foot in there," the baby is triumphant before his arms give out.