Insane Woman Slices Off Tattoo Of Cheating Boyfriend's Name And Mails The Skin To Him (Graphic)


26-year-old Torz Reynolds thought her boyfriend of two years, Stuart "Chopper" May, broke up with her to move to Alaska to take his dream job.

A week later, the London woman found out he had moved in with a woman he'd been cheating on her with for approximately six months.

She enacted revenge by showing him exactly how far she's willing to go to sever her ties with him.

Daily Mail reports that Torz, a professional body piercer, took a scalpel to her arm, removed a tattoo she had of his nickname and sent the skin to him by mail.

Reynolds was infuriated when friends told her that Chopper was still in the UK even though she went with him to the airport to see him off.

It reportedly took her an hour and half to slice the skin from her arm before using a pair of tweezers to peel the skin back.

The skin was put in a jar, wrapped up with a bow and sent to her former lover.

Reynolds even tracked the package online to ascertain that Chopper (24) had received the delivery.

Reynolds made a rectangular incision around the tattoo, using no anaesthetic and only a bottle of Vasocaine numbing spray to stop the bleeding.

Reynolds thought Chopper would be with her for life, so she got a tattoo of the words "Chopper's Bitch" a year into their relationship.

When Reynolds moved to London late last year, however, Chopper became distant and stopped responding to her calls and texts.

When she finally reached him, Chopper said that he was acting strange because he had gotten an offer for a job doing pipeline work in Alaska and didn't know how to break the news.

Reynolds agreed that breaking up was the best decision, and tearfully bid him goodbye at the airport.

She found out the trip was staged a few days later. Chopper was still in his hometown of Essex with a girl he had been cheating on Reynolds with for over six months.

Reynolds wanted revenge, refusing to let her ex get away with what he did without a reminder of the pain he caused.

Some of her friends and relatives thought the tattoo removal was too extreme, but the body piercing artist has never been hesitant to alter her skin.

via Daily Mail, Top Photo Courtesy: Facebook