Best Husband Ever Surprises Wife With Dream Vacation In Amazing Way (Video)

For many, travel is the ultimate goal -- to leave everything behind, see the world and escape to a new, foreign place.

But between jobs, finances and responsibilities, it's often difficult -- impossible, even -- to leave life behind and travel.

Rob Wiltsey's wife was all too familiar with these obstacles. She'd always wanted to go to England but never had enough money to take the trip.

For a year, her husband had been secretly and diligently saving money so he could finally surprise her with an overseas vacation.

Once he purchased the plane tickets, he hid them in a large travel photo album that he said he bought in case they "traveled someday."

As she flipped through the album, which was filled with photos of London, she found the ticket and realized the surprise was, in fact, that they'd soon be traveling to England as she'd always dreamed.

Her reaction is priceless, and her husband's dedication to making her happy will melt your heart.

Bon voyage, you two!

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