The Man Known As 'Human Ken' Gets Wing-Like Implants In His Back

Justin Jedlica does not know the meaning of the word “enough.”

Jedlica, nicknamed the "Human Ken" after his professed desire to look like the doll, recently went under the knife yet again. This time, he appeared on E!'s plastic surgery show "Botched."

The man-doll visited Dr. Leif Rogers to receive four implants along his shoulder blades, designed to mimic the wing-like back muscles many bodybuilders have.

According to Dr. Rogers, the operation was the first of its kind.

Jedlica explains,

I wanted to get latissimal implants because I get to be a pioneer in the field and sort of like, toot my own horn that I'm the first and that it looks good on top of it. 

Dr. Rogers also performed a highly controversial facial reconstruction on Jedlica to remove what he calls “Julia Roberts veins” from his forehead.

Other surgeons allegedly warned against the facial surgery, as it could have left Jedlica blind or with a life-threatening blood clot.

Obviously, health is not Jedlica's first concern: He once famously declared he would not stop going under the knife until he is “100 percent plastic.”

Seeing as these were his 191st and 192nd surgeries, respectively, I'd guess he doesn't have much more to go.

Check out a clip from the episode up top.

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